Thursday, June 18, 2009

Matt Chandler: The Cross

Listened to this series tonight while editing. Commend them whole heartedly to you. Please take them?

Matt Chandler: Glory Thieves (The Cross Part 1)

Matt Chandler: A Response to Thievery (The Cross Part 2)

Matt Chandler: A Second Response to Thievery (The Cross Part 3)

Matt Chandler: A Vocabulary of the Cross (The Cross Part 4)

Matt Chandler: Of First Importance (The Cross Part 5)

Matt Chandler: Standing (The Cross Part 6)


Aaron Harlow said...

Thx buddy boy. *downloaded*

Michael Spotts: . said...

The free June book give-away, which ends at midnight, is for a black leather edition of Valley of Vision, the classic collection of Puritan prayers.